I never realized how much work goes into flowers, or at least Dahlias. I spent time today learning and preparing these Dahlia tubers for winter. Spring 2019 will be my first year growing Dahlias and many other things. Kathleen Clemons said in one of her classes that she grows what she wants to photograph and that statement really stuck with me. In addition to my new friend Nina who is teaching me, I’m so inspired and excited for what is to come. I look at this picture and just find it so hard to believe that they will become beautiful flowers next year! Crazy to me but this newbie gardener can’t wait!

New Green House Progress

After we removed 3 trees to make some sun, the foundation is starting for the new green house. Now this spot will get almost full sun and will allow for a lot of options we never had before as far as what we can grow. I’m excited to experience some of the joy I feel elsewhere with flowers in my own back yard! We are hoping to have this completed by Thanksgiving! More updates to come!

New Website and exciting things to Come!

Welcome to my new website!  I am still working on things but it’s almost complete and wanted to share it with you.  This spring and summer season has gone by so fast and I have been working so hard on talking my love of flowers and butterflies and doing something a bit different and am excited to share all of it!  In addition to the new prints and website I am also going to be (and am) a brand newbie gardener!  I do NOT have a green thumb at all, quite the opposite and have previously been content visiting outside places to visit my love for Blooms and Butterflies!  This year it became clear that I needed to gain more experience and create this happiness in my own back yard!  Our new greenhouse is currently under construction in our home that will soon house my own flowers and butterflies and I have excited to share the ups and downs and the photography, art and blog updates that go along with all of this!  Stay tuned much more exciting things are to come!